Funny Pictures/Video Thread


Good time for some shoplifting!


I heard shop gave some stuff free:D


Haha, to be fair, “what’s the taste of” is not equal to “wie schmeckt”. I guess if you’d ask Google “Wie ist der Geschmack von…” you would get something better. :smiley:

EDIT: nvm, it is equally bad lol


OK, just for future reference. Can we not post stuff in the Funny Pictures/Video Thread that will obviously lead to an off topic clusterfuck back-and-forth?



Ok, i’ll mask my hatred of Nazis behind a sarky twitter post this time



If the beginning of this video isn’t Hitman IRL, I don’t know what is :smile:


Just keep walking…
Crime noticed
Mission failed


He even nailed 47’s walking style with those feminine hands


Also, pretty stupid how the man at 0:23 gave up his civilian-disguise, for an already pretty neutralized situation.








“In the name of the father, the son and HOLY SHIT THAT’S TIGHT” LMAOO :laughing:


I’m on a “Curb your ___” meme bingewatch. Good times.


THAT SMILE! :laughing: look at that smug bastard! This is just too good!


Well forget it. Even i cant see it. Something wrong with the embedding


I can’t see what that is, but have a like.