Funny Pictures/Video Thread


That explains why Trump wants to build a wall of stones to keep those without papers out.




The Power of the mind!

How dare you!

and “Alcohol” in Alcoholic



Took me re-reading that one 3 times before I got it. Chuckle attained. :+1:

Old age…not as awesome as it seems. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cat before and after owner calls him a good boy.


The cat is like STFU AND LET ME SLEEP


Any Dead Rising fans? No more!


something most players know but still, i wish IO is working hard to bring back these features in an improved manner :smiley:

oo sheeit





Ahh. college days… :cry:


should be a “how is this hammer unlock?”-meme


I don’t even care about VaLVe and its bullshit skins, crates and card games





LOL He was able to talk them out of handcuffing him?

Damn, he would have been dead stateside. When he was tugging at his arm talking about let go. That would have been a body slam to the ground and a knee to the neck with the cop screaming “Stop resisting”




If someone likes batshit crazy action in a stealth game :wink:



That nigga just talked himself out of cuffs and everything? Holy shit he’s persistent, master of rhetorics, he must’ve been stacking Charisma like crazy.