Funny Pictures/Video Thread


C’mon, a world with no bacon TERRIBLE! How else do I clog my arteries in such a delicious way.


With cabon


this has to be the most sensible YT video, FUCK ELECTRONIC ARTS.


Choosing a good username must be hard :joy::joy:



Did you did this or just found it?

First of all I immensly appreciate that this guy walked for most of the mission. I also love it that he set up that opportunity the way he did it! No one actually delivers any mail at DC, great outside the box thinking there! I also loved it that he actually thought on considering the screwdriver as an item because you have to use it to lockpick…

I disliked a lot that the intro was such a bad imitation of World of Tomorrow. I also dislike that Piper did not consider it trespassing when he entered The Publick… I know that that’s impossible, but it would have made more sense. Also, even if having Cooke dead and Paul missing gives the whole “suspected of drug dealings” part much more realistic, I also consider it too “convenient” that none of the bartenders are at the Colonial Taphouse… hell, the entire bar is empty.

Overall four skulls out of fi… wait… this isn’t overkill reviews… 8/10. Would like and share.


Nah, I just found it XD

The intro would definitely be better with an actress! That voice gets a little grating.




Not at all what I was expecting. Omg What just happened?


I used to watch quite a few of these videos but they got boring quickly, I randomly clicked on this one today and it made me laugh.


I actually was excited to see the recipe. Lmao.


I am a longtime follower of HowToBasic. It is just great, and so unresponsible towards animals. Though I heard he owns hens just for his need of eggs.



I have been a long time HowToBasic fan but this video I found very disappointing. The “mess” started way too late into the video, and ultimately I was expecting him to do something more besides breaking eggs, throwing meat and destroying his table. We’ve seen him burning his kitchen, destroying his microwave with a brick, throwing wine bottles at his furniture… this one seemed lacking to me.

I guess all you have is the expectation that whoever saw it seriously as a vegan got severely triggered by the video. Like with “how to get rich with CS: GO”. I believe that the destruction on that one was very small as well. I think I just liked it because it was so relatable to me to open lockboxes and get shit while you have a friend who opens so few and gets jackpots all the time lol.


lol it’s just a guy throwing eggs and breaking shit - Today I learned people have expectations for how that should happen. Strange form of entertainment, but whatever floats your boat i guess


I wish this guy wasn’t a thing…


gadddammn this is the best thing on Youpor… youtube