Funny Pictures/Video Thread


“How to write essay” - D.Trump, American Publication.


is that a staged shot?

The shirt actually says “I stand for the flag” while dude puts his stankin bum ass on the flag.


Who gives a crap about virtual reality. I want to experience the next best thing…real reality.


Probably not. Most of these “patriots” who make a scene about athletes not standing for the anthem sit on their asses at home when the game is on. Bunch of no good hypocrites i tell ya


Reality is a lie. Stop believing your senses, they lie to you. Your consciousness is just imagination, a fake, generated in whatever exists. Your impression reality exists is just one more random aspect which makes you believe in a general concept based on your limited - and again - probably untrue observation.

That being said, may I interest you into a VR device? Only 399$!



company time


Screw those pesky Danes!

(please don’t tell any of the guys from IOI I said that!)


My guess is that that’s a towel, so he’s actually just using it correctly.

pretty fun nevertheless


Idk, seems to have a hem showing along the field of stars that I would not expect to see on a towel. If it is an actual flag, I would have liked to be there to kick him in the face.


I noticed that too. The irony is just too thick. Put a Budweiser can on the flag and its the 4 of july



Max Hill is a completely different person from Sadiq Khan fyi


Then why is this supposed to be funny? Are we supposed to be laughing at the stupidity of the person who posted it?

  1. Labour are in opposition
  2. It is perfectly OK for the Mayor of London to say that air pollution is a problem when pollution contributes to 40,000 deaths annually and London has worse air quality than Beijing
  3. This meme is bad and you should feel bad


lol mad


Stop arguing and care about the new content @Quinn @JDMHatch_G :smile:


I’m doing both simultaneously!


This happens to me every damn match on FIFA. I score 3 or 4 goals with my star striker, and the chosen man of the match is a midfielder with a couple of assists.


This is a question I make myself after reading 9/10 posts of yours on this thread. I do not believe you’re the one to make this question.