Funny Pictures/Video Thread


Well humor is subjective, let’s not try and restrict others in what they find funny. This shouldn’t be a thread about discussion in what is and what is not political correct, but rather what we find funny.

As long as the content doesn’t violate the forum guidelines, then let’s not try and control what can be posted.


I wasn’t seeking to “control” what anyone posts, just calling out a lame attempted smear for what it was


Yuki orders civilian to take his pistol :joy: he brings it to the save place




Absolutely not funny, but this should still be the right thread. Click the pic to see the full thing.


So I heard you were talking about me


About everyone who posts that. :wink:


That’s me and @MrOchoa, even though he posted it once


use the force motherfucker


A story in 5 parts



A roller coaster from start to finish!



TBH I think someone is using these pics just to have some fun internet.
Durgesh does not Look like that kinda guy.
Anyway who wanna send open bob pics?


The name of the website you provided is far more hilarious than the article it contains.

Isn’t that the same dude who says he’s gay but thinks all gays should hide back on the closet and go to sexual reorientation therapies?

Edit: yes he is. And I should have known that he worked at Breitbart by the way he tries to tear down on Buzzfeed.


Now I know where Quinn got his profile pic, and don’t give me that creepypasta excuse!


What game is that?


Quinn simulator :joy:


Quality shitpost :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::joy::joy::joy::b:


Sounds shitty.


Milo Hippapotomous is a piece of filthy dog shit. Fuck that scumbag.