Funny Pictures/Video Thread


Man, that was funny as hell.


That was some 10/10 movie script if I have ever seen one my friend. Could have been an 11/10 if all of a sudden right at the end @fortheseven would’ve dropped a vintage FE+Breaching Charge killing everyone and getting SA in 00:45 seconds.



HAHA kinda looks like he was just trying to take it to the line of scrimmage


The X-Flies theme begins to play

The good old days!

Thank you kind overlord



Interesting stuff, Fincher is master




Old AF.

Sometimes I like that guy, then most of the times he just keeps kicking dead horses for longer than he should. And he even reuploads videos for no obvious reason.


Is that Amygdala?


No it’s the damn the Mind Flayer aka. “Shadow Monster” from the Up-side down! you know where demo-Dogs and Demogorgons comes from. Everybody knows this fam.


behold my creation lel encountered some hilarious bugs, where my target dies, on his own, my escape boat disappearing, some sick 360 body ragdolls and yea…


That video is from last year XD
But I get what you mean :stuck_out_tongue:


This made me laugh at work


LOL. That’s about as funny as this Amazon one.



What and odd man indeed

Poor Parent

And the winner is!



“$4.20 from two strains. I want to hear more from the guy in the green sweatshirt on the couch. Please let him talk more.”


The passive aggressive cringe was strong.