Funny Pictures/Video Thread







why do I never listen to NSFW marks…




Getting in on the Ajit Pai memes.




Ajit Pai’s face is just so punchable… I think the only face more punchable is Andrew Wilson’s.



LMFAO :joy:Thanks for sharing that video. The guy’s accent is hilarious! Like a croation version of BigMooney. Pure Comedy indeed

With this one he got me: (Video starts at that scene)
“One guard will be inside and we must show him how beautiful this crowbar is. We didn’t use a hammer beacuse he was talking to his mother on the phone. It would have been very rude”:joy::rofl::laughing:


ahaha yep the dude is hilarious especially when he cusses lel



Lol that is amazing :smile: check this


The way he says “Fuck you” at the beginning and keeps smiling is amazing ahahah


Wanna be mindfucked? Ok!

How To Mindufuck The Internet
-Look at the guys face
-Realize he actually has a wife
-Realize he has not zero,not one,but two kids
-Realize that to have them a woman actually wanted to have sex with that man

Your Mind=Blown


Lol! :joy: this guy is the most greedy person I’ve ever seen. Wish 47 would fiberwire him :(:unamused:



As a coin user these memes are too real to deal with.


2009: Disney buys Marvel

2012: Disney buys Lucasfilm

2017: Disney buys 21st Century Fox

2019: Disney buys Paramount Pictures

2022: Disney buys Universal Studios

2027: Disney attempts to buy Warner Bros, Warner Bros tells them to fuck off

2028: Disney, being highly pissed off, acquires their own private military

2029: Disney storms headquarters of Warner Bros, killing many, and taking the company by force

2032: Disney buys nukes from black market terrorists

2034: Disney buys Microsoft

2036: Disney declares war against the entertainment industry

2037: Skirmishes between private militaries occur in Hollywood and other places around the country

2038: Disney nukes Hollywood

2044: Disney buys the United States of America

2045: Disney reorganises the American government into a totalitarian dictatorship, deemed “The People’s Republic of Disney”

2047: People’s Republic of Disney moves to annex Mexico and Canada with the military might of Mickey Mouse

2051: PRD buys celestial bodies such as the Moon and Mars

2056: PRD colonises Mars

2059: PRD colonises rest of the solar system

2064: PRD starts construction of Dyson Sphere in the Sol System

2075: PRD scientists discover a form of FTL space travel

2078: First PRD voyage to Alpha Centauri system is successfully completed

2079: PRD successfully establishes a one world government

2080: PRD sends millions of military warships out throughout the galaxy, conquering extraterrestrial life on every planet and solar system

2092: Dyson Sphere in Sol System is complete

2100: PRD reaches type 3 civilisation status, creating a Galactic Dictatorship under the people of Disney

2104: Marvel and X-Men fans are still excited about new movies