Funny Pictures/Video Thread



20chars of Goofys Laugh


I, for one, welcome our new cartoon overlords.


That’s way too fast :open_mouth:



The Far Cry video guy has an incredibly irritating voice and his uninterested, sarcastic, humorless delivery doesn’t help it either.


Ok, this is real CLEAN way to kill


Except that 47 leaves his finger prints all over the body after cleaning…


LOL Brazzers tho?

NSFW or what?


Just a thumbnail. Video is just gameplay.

#3786 Lmao finally we got a new chapter.


Lmao Ryder “get outta my way!”


Lol I love these vr videos


Kinda more interactivity than I thought they would have. So it’s not just a port?

I don’t remember being able to toss your hat or roll down the window. I did like the map alot so it would be cool to see it all in first person and walk around it.

If they ever do GTA vr I might have to look into it. Walking around punching people shooting people.


Yeah,there are really a lot of cool little details.
The only downside I would say is gun combat.And chasing people looks really clunky and boring



Just watched the movie ‘The Foreigner’ starring Jackie Chan. I didn’t know 47 was also in the movie.


@_AnoMade’s featured contract, Pinocchio, has this lady real excited.


It’s like a Christmas three but with death and German accents!