Funny Pictures/Video Thread



Silverballer joining the ICA Space Program Team:


It’s old as shit but discovered this today


My video of the year of 2017







Took me a solid 30 seconds to get that Sphinx pic. :blush::joy:


LOL 20 char



Utterly Rekt





Does anybody ever heard of B14? Its a low budget movie made by “Ninja Productions”.
You never heard of it? Then let me introduce you B14 Part 1:

Warning: Very realistic special effects.


I’m sorry, but my IQ simply isn’t high enough to understand this joke…



FYI I do have a Rick and Morty tattoo,and no you can’t see it,it’s for the ladies only :wink:

Ahahah I love that meme though,especially how condescending that guy is during it! Great one eheh


The various “interpretations” of the meaning of the word pregnant. :rofl:





1st off, shame on me for not posting a pic (or even a vid), at least. But I played Marakesh a few days ago, gathered up a bunch of soda cans, knocked out all the printer guys and the guard, did some disguise swapping with just about all of them, and left them there, unconscious. They were found, and woke up. So, you have 4 or 5 guys standing around, all in their underwear, one has a gun and is (now) an enforcer. I found it to be very funny!