Funny Pictures/Video Thread


2018 already starting strong with the memes.


holy shit this is amazing XD what game is this?

this is my person fav vid, @Thales_Kruger @Kcuts_Titogi @Rafaelito258


So this is where this meme started…was quite confused when it was on the frontpage of imgur.


Yeah me too,then I searched and found out about this dank meme. Definitely better than tide pods!


Game’s VR Chat and this…this is pure ART


ur welcm



LMAO the savagery xD

fuck the avengers, this is the best action movie i’ve watched



Those pictures need no text to be funny.


Isn’t this getting out of hand? Just asking.


The first two pics look like a silent scream for help.


OH but that’s the beauty of it,looking at a bunch of Ugandan Knuckles making the whole situation spiral out of control is sooo much fun.


Load of fucking nonsense



Seems I’m too much of a cuck libtard feminazi shill to get the humor behind this video, oh well ¯_(ツ)_/¯


There isn’t any humour, that’s why


Me. Everytime you post here.

Haven’t seen that video and I don’t expect to like it.


For all the gamers out there. Lol


Hopefully I haven’t gotten this here years ago.