Funny Pictures/Video Thread


Every time? o rly?


Wow you win! :scream:

You can post something that isn’t political, be funny and just because it is you now I’m thinking about ir politically!


Well, that’s your prerogative.


LOL. Best loading screen ever


Ok fake beef with @Quinn aside, this video is a piece of shit and there is no denying it.


Told you it was Pure Shit


Well, I mean it wasn’t that bad… Or maybe I’m too much of a normie…






If it’s funny in his opinion, I don’t see why he needs to be bashed for it. Not everything has to be true in order to be funny :wink:


The Oval Office



Sorry man, I wasn’t talking about you


Lemme just delete my comment then :sweat_smile:


Let’s hope people don’t derail this thread because I’m linking this…


say what now?

Anyway does the h3h3 guy have some kind of mild brain damage or something? Every time I see him he has some weird subtle tics.

@AGENT_58 That makes sense. Thanks.


He has tourette syndrome


This happened after that.

And yes he has previously confessed to suffer tourette syndrome.


Me too. Can confirm tics =/= brain damage.


Anyway, the video is not really funny (although his edit of “respect” on the pokeball made me chuckle) but it sure as hell made me more aware of how trashy these brothers are. I was aware of the Japan thing but man, these songs? Can they by any more obnoxious and annoying? It really does dance around brainwashing.


What fucking wanker designed that staircase?