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Hitman has always the best npc ragdoll.



This is what is going on in my life right now. Still can’t muster up the courage to tell my parents that i want to study game designing rather than an MBA. Well, turn on the subtitles and enjoy :cry:


Why? I have never found myself in this situation so it makes me curious.

If you’re so scared or ashamed of your dream job then maybe you don’t really want it.




It’s not just a stereotype of a cool kid, that i want to defy a good education as a backup plan for my future. but just think for a moment, we study for a major part of our lives, get a degree, do a job we dont like just to earn money. Doing an MBA is just that. Getting a degree from a decent college, get a nice annual package, do a job that you dont like, wear a plastic mask, lick asses of corporate knuckle heads and become a yes-man.

I want to be a game designer but in India gaming industry isn’t very big, main example being USA and Japan making soo many games year after year, have you heard of any major revolutionary game that came out of India? The answer is no. Parents here aren’t bad nor evil, like they will punish me, they just want a secure future for me, so i can pay my bills, get a house and stuff. In India, having a decent education is a must otherwise you wont get proper respect from friends and family. This is where the ‘Asians are always smart’ stereotype comes from.

Just watch this: Please turn on the subtitles. Your answer lies here.

The reason i cant talk to my parents yet is the same thing, will i get a secure future? If i go abroad to study and nothing happens what will happen then. These are the things i am afraid of.


Or maybe you have never felt such pressures and expectations from your family to do something specific. It’s far too common these days sadly.


a Christmas tapestry for the ages



The Prequel tapestry!


Happy 1st Anniversary to this truly amazing moment in comedy history


Do you have a direction to the full video



“Pepe’s become kind of a symbo…”

I fukken love it lmao


Make memes not war.


Or punch a fascist in the head and turn him into a meme! Win win scenario!


How is having reasonable expectations for your child “Sad”?


That’s not what I said at all.


He meant your family expecting something of you, fill their desires, which in this case meant having kids. Your parents give you life, it’s your life and you’re free to do what you want with it, you don’t owe your parents being who they’d like you to be.


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Oh look today I’ve been a member of this forum for two years😍