Funny Pictures/Video Thread


That’s a rather selfish way to think. the purpose of humans is to reproduce and provide for your young. we dont have unlimited resources as a species so whoever is not doing that can technically be considered a waste of resources.

reproduces while unable to provide for your children is also a waste of resources


These are two contradictory statements. They also imply that poorer people who “cannot afford children” have no purpose in life, since the purpose of existing is to reproduce. None of this makes sense at all.

Also it has nothing to do with what was being said so this seems totally out of leftfield.


I think we’ve come to the point where we are doing the world a favour by not necessarily making children, because of overpopulation and lack of resources all that kind of stuff.



I can’t believe people are doing this shit.

What next, the Rat Poison Challenge?


Only if it looks like Corn Flakes.


Sheet thousands of years of philosophing for nothing. The answer is right there!

At least we dont need to build Deep Thought now.


Calm down mate, there’s enough sociopaths in the world.




Made a little funny mashup.

If player doesn’t work for you, here’s the link.





Just please :fu: Comic



Sorry but this guy is an idiot. He basically says the game is too easy with its mechanics and handholding by using instinct, that even if you want to not use it and play a harder difficulty (shows choosing purist), you can’t complete the game because it is designed around instinct. What a goof. So how do other players get SA on purist without instinct?

Talks about hitman (the franchise) and how it’s supposed to be played yet contradicts himself by not even realizing that you need to master the game to play on purist without instinct. Lmao.

This guy just wants to rant to get attention. Hate these type of youtubers. “I’ll be mad so ppl will watch me”.


Agreed, but he made a few valid points though, with all the watered down, hand holding tutorials, some design choices that doesn’t live up to the ‘Hitman’ name. But yea, you’re correct :smiley:


lol complaining about a lack of originality whilst being an Angry Youtube Shoutman (because apparently that hasn’t been done enough already)



mememes from my country are just isspicy