Funny Pictures/Video Thread


Did not expect that :laughing:



Donald Trump is a living meme😂


Nah, memes are harmless.


Apparently Piers Morgan isn’t too happy about an artists impression of his interview.




thanks for that.

He was actually one of my favorite street NPC’s from that game.

I remember just standing outside the safe house and smoking a joint (IRL) and listening to him spread the word.



true racial harmony.


hmm, what should we call this :thinking:


Photoshop would be a good name.



Made this video. Pretty funny :slight_smile:


Do Hitman videos count? Anyways, VENTMAN IS SCHEDULED TO BE RELEASED JANUARY 2019




Damn anime, you can never know anyone’s sex.


Now where’s my free estrogen!?

(Also, there will be no swearing, this is a healthy wholesome christian forum)


Hahaha this is just sad! Boy we came such a long way, haven’t we? :joy:


They should have delayed Mafia 3 and the army of bugs and glitches would have being stopped. I still remember how I was dying of laughter after watching Crowbcat’s video about Mafia 3 and it’s quality control.