Funny Pictures/Video Thread


Goddamn, that has got to be embarrassing. :laughing:


Yeah, really. A game that’s EIGHTEEN Years old. Just goes to show how lazy and greedy game developers are now. I’m glad I strictly just play hitman games now :rofl:

My God, it’s a shame too. Besides Hitman of course, Mafia was one of my other favorite franchises back in the day. I absolutely LOVED Mafia 1 (still my favorite and always will be)

Mafia 2 was… alright only good thing about that game was the nod to Tommy Angelo (Stairway to Heaven)

Mafia 3… I couldn’t even finish it. Total garbage! I ended up just watching the ending on YT and never looked back. IMO Mafia ended after, well…Mafia lol


Nothing will ever top the healing system from FC2.


Man I bought Far Cry 2 a few months ago. Gotta replay it.



How dare you.


Just my own opinion :wink:


To be fair it is most likely the management who forces this stuff to hold deadlines.






Oh that’s so adorable

You motherfuckers need Karl!

Harrison on Solo

Harrison is basically an Han Solo, his hole attitude towards the character is like taken out of the character itself.


not a funny video but a really interesting short thriller to watch


That first one got me.


Can’t blame him, really. I’m not looking forward to it myself. Besides, Star Wars has been his curse since ever, people often ask him about it and to him it was just a job so I’m not surprised he’s sick of it.


Wow, that top video was intriguing!


Well he’s always been careless about Star Wars and most of his roles. That said Harrison did become some what excited to be part of Episode 7. Just look at some of the promotional stuff leading up to Episode 7 and him taking part in Star Wars Celebrations, Harrison doesn’t really do anything if he really don’t want to.

That said his hole persona is a perfect fit for the character itself, they go hand in hand.


yep, a crime thriller based on a similar medical case would be very interesting, the main character unable to recognize faces and he has to solve crimes


In that second photo, is that Commander Shepard?!


This is not funny and the 16ppl who liked it should be ashamed of yourselves.


This bear regrets nothing, specially because it made me laught a lot.