Funny Pictures/Video Thread


I’m sorry?



It’s the internet, are you new online? We laugh at everything here. Unless you’re being sarcastic, chill out.


Great excuse. “Yay, I get to be mean, use discrimination, be racist, whatever, because it’s “the internet.””

Not cool.


Sorry if you’re offended by it but I don’t feel any shame. I didn’t find it funny because she’s overweight but because of her attitude. “Sorry black boys, only white men can handle this” suggest that she is stuck-up. Just picture a guy trying to approach her and she says some shit like that. Instant turn off. If she began with a more humble post, I doubt she would’ve gotten made fun of.


I actually found it funny due to her wanting to seem like something people would want, when in actuality nobody wanted her.

Though also, could you maybe give a different explanation as to why it’s not funny other than “I get to… be racist… because it’s “the internet””, because I don’t see any racism here apart from the girl who posted the picture, and even then that back-fired.

I’m sorry, I just don’t really know where you’re coming from


She could have just been trying to be sarcastic. But let’s say for a second she was serious, based on the direction the thread went, 2 wrongs still don’t make a right.

There was no racism. That was just an example to borek’s “it’s the internet” comment as one is not absolved to their behaviour/comments just cuz “it’s the internet”.

I reiterate, 2 wrongs don’t make a right.


I’d give it two likes if I could @immadummee47. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Rather she is being sarcastic, serious or just joking, it’s still a poor choice of words that shows her in a bad light as far as first impressions go.


Oh i’m sorry if that offended you. Nobody is calling her fat or making fun of her looks, its just a wholesome meme, chill.


Dude, stop whiteknighting. It’s just a stupid funny picture. Why are you digging so deep into it man? I’ll take my like away if it’ll let you sleep at night. Sheesh.


2 puns there, talking about racism: “whiteknighting”, and later when you said “sleep at knight”. We are pleased.




Lmao that was a typo. Fixed it :laughing:




You don’t choose the Fiber Wire…
The Fiber Wire chooses you.

It’s more than “just a weapon” It’s a way of life!


It’s just a carbon fiber cord tied to two handlers. :bear::stuck_out_tongue:


In Soviet Russia, Fibre wire choose you!


Bet it could kill a bear!! :smiling_imp:
Just kidding :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Haha, that was a smart joke.:sunglasses:


Didn’t that company scam all their investors and went into hiding?