Funny Pictures/Video Thread


To be fair I agree with the second one. Just one indeed feels forced. You should do a higher ratio, it definetelly won’t ruin whatever demographic you wish to depict.


This was never implemented. It was practically a meme since it was proposed. “Hey, people are hungry. Let’s give them a pet to feed so they eat it later”.


Hmm, sometimes I make scenarios like this in my mind. I even go as far as engagements and sheeit lel

FML ;__;


This is fucking hilarious


These days, “snowflake students” could be either students at a place called Snowflake High (or primary, etc) or students with way too much time on their hands


In this case they are students who accurately described the contents of the book, which a right wing tabloid seems to think makes them “snowflakes”.


Oh sorry, I got the wrong end of the stick there. (I’ve never read the original book and so) I thought that the students were just being overly sensitive.


yeah the “monster” is created, abandoned (because of his appearance) then corrupted by society and driven to murder, before killing himself

honestly I think The Sun knows that he’s supposed to be a victim, they’re just pandering to their demographic that’s sick of the hurr durr PC society


Lol I know that feeling bro.




folks from 1980s were lit


This kid


No lie, I actually thought this was real at first.




This reminds me of my lil cousin who was soo sweet and innocent when he was 2 years old. Now the bugger’s a devil lel



All hail the supreme emperor.


Tommy Wiseau wants to play the Joker in the upcoming solo film. Well this is kinda his “audition” tape


So you mean to tell me that’s not what all of his movies have been so far?