Funny Pictures/Video Thread


Wiseau serious, son?




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Time to mute this thread too :roll_eyes:


Can you guys take it to the general news cesspool where this discussion belongs, please? We’re here to laugh at cats and memes, not argue over feminism.


Dank dark humor


We can all relate

Damn it Linda!

Go away Linda!

Fuck is that thing now?!

It’s always 2 am


That katana though


That’s how it feels in Denmark at the moment



#HodlGang #HodlGang #HodlGang


“Haters wanna say I’m in a bubble man BLOW
ch-chew em up like bubble gum DOPE
Just made a mil wit my pocket change YO”

“Etherium pays for my rent BOSS
Bitcoin pays for the bent SKIRT
Litecoin pays for the jet FLEET
Bitcoin cash for the rest BLAST”


Why do I get the feeling you found out about this due to Last Week Tonight? :smirk:

That said, yeah I have to admit is quite catchy.


because you know me so well.

That is indeed how I found out about it.

I started singing it to my wife immediately.



47, is that surely the right bodypart you’re grabbing?


Saving this bad boi when season 2 is announced

fresh from the meme factory


Meme overload.



I’m still wondering how can this 70 year old toddler with limited vocabulary and skills get inside the oval office



Honestly the complete 2016 presidential election was horrible and every single candidate was worse than the killer clowns-literally!


Boyfriend: “I thought it was sexy as fuck when she had Bi on her profile until I found out it meant Polar”