Funny Pictures/Video Thread


OMG! This should be the new overly attached girlfriend meme omg!

I mean…I am sorta her, but I don’t hit his car, nor spit on him - very disrespectful of that butch.

I am lovig the caption you put aswell lol.


this lady reminded me of my first girlfriend back in high school :laughing: Kinda found it hilarious the way her mood just changes in seconds lol


Speaking for myself, this is the typical fare for us gals, while you gents usually stay collective, calm, suave & goofy we can be 18 things at a second, and we dont even know half these things lol.

It mostly happends during a Period tbh…talking about periods and ‘‘gender’’ stuff here is a stupid video of dumbass BuzzFeed feminazis/feminists painting with their period blood, I thought I will put in this thread too.
Along with a perfect video on how white men opress us, by simply sitting. WE WAHMEN ARE AHPRESSED!


Frankly speaking, i love a girl who is really possessive a bit aggressive (i’m kinda into that sorta stuff lmao) but these BUZZFEED videos are absolute cringe especially the ‘mansplaining’ video. I understand what periods are but dude c’mon, the stuff these ladies say are hilarious :laughing:


I also found another magnificent video, that truly shows how we wahmen are opressed and how everyone that is a white man shall die in cringe!

(Do not take what I say seriously lol, I love you gentlemen, some are scum but so can we women be scum! :grin: )

EDIT: Even the first question gives all logical people on earth stage 2 skin cancer!


hOw DOeS iT FEeL tO bE tHE SamEM SaaEX LiKE DONal TRump






This guy’s fucking hilarious by the way.


YAAAS, bigmooney is glorius!



MRW it says, “Video will play after ad” instead of "Skip ad"



This is the dumbest quote I’ve ever seen.


That’s Nazis for you.


This goes above and beyond. Only extremely stupid people would say that. It doesn’t even make sense.


Well it’s a joke, since his name is Hermann Goering but he is being quoted as Herman Meyer because he was in fact wrong.


The Oval Office

I probably posted this one before, but it deserves a repost


The video itself isn’t very funny, but I think I’ve already come up with the best Putin nickname:

Daddy Vladdy.


I think that’s the first time a target looks like the object you’re meant to recover.