Funny Pictures/Video Thread



I don’t get it.

Are they crying-happy that they don’t have to go to war?


I think that joke would function better if it were the President or the oval office crying.


That’s a cool perspective! I’m a bit mind blown now.

You’re right :smile:


G’day chaps of colour - name’s Murica & I am here for your oil!

(Read it in a strong rendeck accent)


If I was a cop this is the kinda cop I would be.

Notice how he shoots first before the door even fully opens. And then casually shoots someone who is on the ground. All with a fucking six shooter.

Fuck these scary ass cops shooting 20 bullets into unarmed people. I want a real cop who shows up with a six shooter and a few well placed shots.

Wow. God Bless America.


get fucked LMAO


Seen that many times before. Unsurprising regardless of me not knowing what this is about.


“G’day” - Australian slang

“'Murica” - American slang

Both have rednecks, so I’m confused how to read this


Read it in Italian :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:





How much dead can a video be?



The most brutal war in history.


I hadn’t seen this one by bigMooney before… stumbled across it while trying to get this escalation finished and looking for tips.

Absolutely hilarious. So many moments I recognize.


He will be done tomorrow.


When does she saycan you stop
I can’t hear it


I cant even get past the first 15 seconds LMAO btw here’s one of the coolest vids on youtube, Berlin in 1945