Funny Pictures/Video Thread


Impressing my crush be like:


nice footage of me from the future.


I found these here:


The one about the auto shop I really like and I may have to do that some day soon.

The one about picking your nose does not work. That’s probably gonna get you recorded more than anything. I was digging in my nose on a train in NYC at 4 in the morning. And the only dude on the train straight stared me down.

You can’t get New Yorker’s to look you in the eye for shit! Oh you diggin in your nose-let me film that shit.


I’m pretty sure that they have a pretty good idea of who is supposed to be in first class on a flight. Generally they know your name when they talk to you (i.e. they have a passenger list). So if you try and pull that one off you’ll probably just end up doing a walk of shame back to coach :slight_smile:


For you.

Lol I have to finish my Hitman baneposting video.



madmax FTW as usual.



The most funny thing is that the starbucks advice has the second highest score on first page, confirming me how many jerks go to starbucks :smiley:


you gonna spit or naw?

I knew she had a weapon of some kind on her from her confidence and hands in pockets.

I ain’t trying to be sexist but to see a woman stand tall against and gode a younger man I was like

“Aiight so either she Bruce Lee Grand daughter or she got something in her pocket”


That would be illegal as fuck here. Pepper spray / mace is considered an offensive weapon, whatever that means.


This isn’t a funny but it’s a beautiful video which puts into context our place in the universe. There was no adequate thread and I didn’t want to make a new one which I wasn’t going to maintain.

EDIT: ur mum’s so fat her cereal bowl comes with a lifeguard


There is a “funny” version of it with having a “ur mum”-joke at the end.


videos like these always fascinate me :heart:








issa trap