Funny Pictures/Video Thread



Damn Russia!

Don’t tell the Americans


Go Choke yourself

Oh my


Basically in Slovenia we have a show known as ‘‘Ta teden z Juretom Godlerjem’’ which menas - Thhis week with Jure Godler - who basically mocks Slovenia and it’s culture.

We Slovenes hate our country because it is pure shit.

So he created this ronic video to everyone to show Slovenia how great is!


oohhhhh this one really pisses me off lel




Slovenia is pure shit? It looks really beautiful to me.

I know everyone has seen it at this point, but America First, Netherlands Second is still so funny


It is beautiful - but if you live there you will know that the taxes are crap, the people hate eachother, banks are shit and politicians are awful!


Pretty sure every country has one of these now.



The new Batmetal released like two weeks ago, it’s amazing.

In case you guys don’t know what I’m talking about, here.


rejoice fellow weebs


Oh, I forgot this site even existed! A certain gem from it is



No Syria for you young man!




It’s kinda tough


“Shit, I was trying to blow with you.”


Hums song inside my head

Angry woman noises and other things I don’t care to explain in this title


GTA vice city flashbacks