Funny Pictures/Video Thread


excellent point! let’s make murder legal


Because believe it or not… some people can actually be law abiding citizens…

@Spods… really…? :confused:


murder is illegal but that doesn’t matter to people who want to commit it, so what’s the point?

spoiler alert: this is how ridiculous your point sounds. of course laws making it harder for criminals to get guns will cause fewer criminals to have guns, no matter how many fucking willy wonka memes you post


If you truly believe that then I feel sorry for you.
Making something harder to obtain will do absolutely nothing to set back criminals.

Anyway… this is the “funny” thread and not the “News” thread. People post what made them laugh or find funny, if someone don’t see the humor in it… keep scrolling…

Don’t try to get a rise out of me 2 DAYS LATER in response to my last post. Says a lot about you… @Quinn

keep your bull for the news thread before you get this one closed. Humor is subjective, not everything has to become a debate. Especially in a thread like this.


This discussion is absurd lmao


spare me your pity mate


Mate all I know is that in another thread you were mentioning that you’d been contemplating the idea of not even sending your kid to school because you were so shocked by the Parkland shooting and others like it. I cant imagine you’re particularly pleased about that. Surely you’d rather something changed


Yes… this discussion…


Oh my God! This has to be one of the best scenes in the movie. I love Goodfellas! Henry’s laugh… :joy:


You’re right, humour is subjective. I personally view the entire system regarding gun laws as a joke, and not a funny joke.


And I can respect that and move on with my life. See how that works there, guys…

Let’s please stay on topic


man, even to this day Smackdown Here Comes The Pain is glorious as fuck


Salty much?


I just meant it in good fun. It’s no secret that you can be… passionate in your opinions… but fine, I’ll delete it. Fair enough…


I actually thought that the format of the joke was quite good, just maybe not the direction


Clearly not, I would say.


Well it’s all conjecture anyway


Ha, it’s 47! :laughing:


Did you know that many people still confuse R2D2’s name? Because of how fast the dubbers say it, many think the name of the little fella is “Arturito”.


Wrong. The latin american given name IS Arturito. I’ve heard it like that since I was a kid watching animated Star Wars. Maybe it depends on country? That would be odd as Mexico has the vast majority of translation studios.