Funny Pictures/Video Thread


I just meant it in good fun. It’s no secret that you can be… passionate in your opinions… but fine, I’ll delete it. Fair enough…


I actually thought that the format of the joke was quite good, just maybe not the direction


Clearly not, I would say.


Well it’s all conjecture anyway


Ha, it’s 47! :laughing:


Did you know that many people still confuse R2D2’s name? Because of how fast the dubbers say it, many think the name of the little fella is “Arturito”.


Wrong. The latin american given name IS Arturito. I’ve heard it like that since I was a kid watching animated Star Wars. Maybe it depends on country? That would be odd as Mexico has the vast majority of translation studios.


When they revamped many old shows on Cartoon Network, along some movies in many channels, they modified that old dub precisely for the inconsistency and sometimes inclusion of Mexican slangs and humor. Now it clearly says R2D2. I’m speaking for Mexico’s little fixes here and there. Dunno if other countries got the fixed audio.



Looks great although I hyve a little USB fan that does that. Sure it can only do really basic forms but with more LEDs and a GPU behind it this is nothing too groundbreaking. :smiley:


The future is now. This vid has been over Facebook in the last few days.







Poopy-di scoop


Wow… when I watched this video I thought it was just for laughs. Then I looked it up and turns out this is actually real, WTF!!?

How that garbage is considered music I’ll never know :joy: At least I found a track for when I clean up dog shit. Scoop the poop :musical_score:


No no no, it’s the most genius lyric of this century and Kanye is a true intellectual. I mean, it’s either that or he’s the greatest troll.


Honestly, if you think about it, maybe he made it on purpose, ya know? Perhaps like his way of showing just how bad most music has gotten today and how most become lazy and stuff like that can still be passed off as quality. Idk just a theory lol


Wow…maybe he made that for Trump. They’ve been best buds lately.