Funny Pictures/Video Thread




lol some may find this more disturbing than funny.


Dunno but this scene just brings a smile on my face





TFW you will never reach this level of clout stance.


This is probably the funniest movie review i’ve seen in a long time. Yes, it’s old, but it had me in fits of laughter, goddamn

I need to find a way to work the phrase CORPULENT FITHY LUCRE into more situations.





“I wish I could say that shit to my weed man every time he shorts me. I ain’t even trying to get a deal I just want the full 3.5”


I’ve actually sat through Sex and the City 2 and he’s being too kind! It’s one of the most ridiculous sequels ever, purely made to milk a dead franchise. It’s quite possibly the most hollow and soulless film I’ve seen.

I love Kermode’s reviews, you should see his one on Entourage, which is another crappy Hollywood monstrosity.


Lol there’s a lawncare company in my city called Weed Man.


I found this


Donut dudes revealing themselves again.


I haven’t even seen the movie yet but I thought this was pretty funny. Spoilers for Avengers Infinity War ahead.




If I was ballsy enough I would go back and watch the movie and play that on my phone as the hero’s died.

But I don’t think I’d make it out the theater. People were like actually upset. I loved it I was rooting for Thanos whole time.

The only hero “death” that I felt was Spider-Man. I think for my taste this has been the best Spider Man yet.


Lol, anyone who is sad about them all dying should just read a little on the internet. They have contracts. They’re coming back.


oh of course.

I mean for me I didn’t take the deaths seriously as soon as Black Panther died.

I was like “Boi where you going you know capitalism is gonna bring your ass back for Black Panther 2” .


Lol, I might actually go play “Another One Bites the Dust” during that movie.


Do it, have a friend record it.

I’ll dead ass venmo you $20


Lol $20 isn’t going to pay for the funeral I’ll need if I do this.