Funny Pictures/Video Thread


s p o i l e r t a g s


I got no cash but I’ll give you a shit load of likes for it. :grin:


I used to watch pretty much of The Cosby Show when I was younger. But after this whole thing with Bill, this episode in particular is just fucking insane to watch now lol

What makes it even more crazy is in the video, the original scene just gets played out. The only editing in the video is the music and slo-mo


Loud eating into a Megaphone

I love this!






I mean yeah they’re coming back with the movies that take place before infinity war. If they died then they’re dead for good, continuity-wise at least.


@Nazareth @Speaker thoughts on this?


Not much to say really. To me personally it’s just a lazy attempt at humor. I don’t have a problem with it and if you like it, that’s fine.


5’10 here :confused:


At least you got a nice view. :wink:



Taking your innocence in many complicated ways.


Old meme but still relevant.


Is the Zucc meme dead? I hope not, it’s a good meme


Well I’m 6ft 4 so huehhh





You say that, but Loki “died” at least twice before Infinity War