Funny Pictures/Video Thread




I heart lodn no?


always wondered how 47 did this


Man, I love these “fail” videos lmao :joy: good ol’ JR. Best commentator wwe ever had imo. The show just isn’t the same without his presence.


yep btw the lady in black at 1:09, jeez, RIP legs :laughing:


Old meme, but still good.







This is the video of that lady they turned into a meme.

I don’t understand why she stood in the middle of the cook out to call the cops. She should have went back to the car or at least stood away from the folks she is snitching on. That’s for attention.

And of course the water works, always the water works.

Dunno if I could ever do this, cause if I drop her…:skull::skull::skull:

I watch “Morning Joe” as background noise in the morning. So I don’t really watch as much as I just keep an ear out as I am getting ready for work. The skits on SNL about Morning Joe are amoung my all time favorite. This is exactly how they act.

I hate morning joe, but I don’t have cable so my choices are limited. Either this or Fox news.


Fuck Viktor Orbàn.


Still relevant enough.



I always think of that phrase as if they should never have been there, not that I shouldn’t have gone there. I add the tacit subject “I” instead of “you” because to look at it in the latter manner is exactly that much senseless.


I been watching this kid for a little while now-he is pretty funny.

This video is about the youtube celebrity Lil Tay Lil tay

and he is right people are wild for calling a 9 year old a bitch.

this is what happens when your parents are bums and they wanna live through the kids


These are the child actors of this generation but with even more issues. Here you get to see how nasty it can get between the media personality and the public but without any censorship.
Some people shouldn’t be allowed to be parents, just like those guys of DaddyOFive.


Yep, first thing I thought of was when watching this was Micheal Jackson.

She is either gonna grow up and want all attention all the time for her self and graduate to be an I.G. model or she runs away from it all and we never hear from her again.

I really feel sorry for her.



Top ten anime betrayals.