Funny Pictures/Video Thread


He is just stupid drunkard he even slapped then other leaders and it isn’t first time. Fuck him and all of this european brothel.


Ha, ok. What, politicians can’t have a sense of humour? I’m not talking about any other thing he did, I’m talking about Orbàn, who deserves to be slapped in the face with the Eiffel Tower, but that’s just my opinion.


My is excatly opposite, still I wanted to share more of this clown because in one we can agree it’s in some way funny.


Opposite of what? My opinion of Orbàn?


Anyone bringing cryptofascists down a peg or two is doing at least one good thing imo


Only @introvert_ and @AlexNiedt will enjoy this


I have personally and carefully selected these Star Wars memes aged on Oak IMGUR Server Barrels.

Silly Old Mac

There is a pattern

The truest of truths

This is not Sparta?

There is no more to give



I see your Star Wars memes and raise you a Brandon Rogers video. You may want to watch this with headphones on

If you didn’t know Brandon Rogers before this, you’re welcome.





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They might be on to something here.



Camila Cabello is fucking hot.

Not too much into her style of music tho.





That’s the wrong game he’s playing, that isn’t Hitman 2: Silent Assassin…that must be a bug.


Is that Battlefield 1, I remember this game is nominated for best music/sound design.


Heh, yeah. H2 is great. It’s one of my favorite OSTs. :ok_hand: