Funny Pictures/Video Thread



So funny am I right?! :clap::clap::ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::joy::+1:


This chick is fucking hillarius - SUBSCRIBE TO HER!


If it’s not her saying kurwa for three minutes it’s not realistic.


This chick is also fucking hilarious.


I watched the whole thing.

No regrets







I honestly love this, this should have went to Eurovision, it’s a beautiful masterpiece!



My ears have been blessed. There’s also her Indian counterpart but i’m just too fucking embarrassed to post the link lol





i cant even get past the first 15 seconds :laughing:


I think we all know what the best Indian song is. :wink:


funny thing is, if you ever attend an Indian wedding, chances are the DJ MIGHT play this banger. This shit was all over back in early 2000s, radio, TV, Djs bumping this.


Lol really? That’s fucking awesome haha. If you go to a Slavic wedding, chances are there’ll be a Hopak dancing contest at the end (the Ukrainian squat dance)


It’s been almost 20 years since this banger was released, nowadays you get to hear cringy Hindi rappers, some Bollywood top 10 bullshit, that’s it. Sometimes a few decent tracks and in some weddings there are no DJs just a small jazz band playing gorgeous songs.