Funny Pictures/Video Thread






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Shitty antifeminist memes. What year is this, 2014?






Ahhh Slovakia…one of my favourite countries.


When you order at Maccy Ds



Idubbbz made a video on this topic recently. The first time he makes a social critic video in months if not years. And I relate. Restaurants certainly like to manipulate you into saying something that you’ll either find funny or shameful but nonetheless very rememberable that will make you come back or talk about it so much that it gets them publicity.



Sorry Scottish members.



Guys, if you’re confused, so-called “genius” Paul Joseph Watson is arguing with a fucking bot who responds to every tweet with “WOOF”.



I think there has come a point where Neil deGrasse Tyson have become a internet fool, he seems desperate for attention.

I’m not picking my nose…I’m pointing at the best brain the world has ever had.

I always wanted to live in the 80’s

This is not what I imagined, more Miami Vice and less mumble rappers.




This is LEGIT the only post that - actually - made me laugh, in this thread. Congrats @scm97tl :laughing::laughing:


Kotti’s run of the first BM level at ESA is the most hilarious shit i’ve seen all week


The Quote don’t match, change it so it fits

Japanese Noodle Commercial

Stubborn little shit