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Hot off the press



Sony did it last generation and Microsoft did not. It is as simple as Microsoft was best-seller last generation and now Sony is. So the best-seller has no interest in promoting their inferior competitors where as the inferior competitor wants to make the big one the tyrant. Same as Burger King pulling the whole “McWhopper” scheme on the NY Times to make McDonald’s look bad on World Peace’s day.


Lmfao what

I’ve never heard of this before so reading that statement in isolation is pretty funny.


Now here’s a funny glitch


the overly dramatic animations of crowd NPCs and the screaming made this ten times funnier


The dude tripping over himself running through the crowd gets me every time.


destroying your socks to own the libs


Phil here just owned you all epic style. :sunglasses:


I am sure this affects Nike a lot, yes, keep giving them money just so you can cut the swoosh off, what a bunch of idiots.




What in the actual fuck


Oh my god, I’m done!! :joy::joy::joy:



It isn’t Adidas if it isn’t cut to pieces and on fire.


Are you trying to diss my adidas?


Sure, just cause it isn’t Puma.