Funny Pictures/Video Thread


I’ll have you know I buy from both.





Your Math-solving abilities.




Italy in WW2



It’s a shame this guy doesn’t upload as much as he used to.


An ICA agent in the Black Mesa :grin:


God I love 2000s 3D games. Look at that mug. So low poly :heart: (I know Black Mesa is not 2000s, does it have the last level finally?)


Lol this, low-poly graphics are always so nostalgic. Sadly I haven’t got into this game yet, I’ve only played HL2 which is great too.


Nope, it’s a HL 1 mode. You can search on moddb “Residual Life”





I own Garfield 2 BABBBYYYYYYY


I cackled. Then immediately posted to FB.
My contribution to this thread:



This one, unlike the previous one, I do get. Hella cool.


Capitalism I can get behind


I want an app that, when pressing the button, releases happiness hormones to the children’s brains who had to work in factories and mines to create my Apple product.


How about an app that just takes money from Apple’s CEO’s bank account and gives it to the people who actually make those iPhones? Sounds like a viable business strategy to me