Funny Pictures/Video Thread


This is a real news headline, in 2018.




the beef to end all beefs




hello 911? yes, i would like to report a fucking murder





After looking back on my history in Hitman 2016 I decided to write an elaborated review.



Do you even sleep?! :open_mouth:


The greatest beef of the 21st century so far has resolved itself in the most epic way.


Damn it, I was hoping this would continue at least for a couple weeks


ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lmao


Ok seriously, as a Hitman fan, is this movie even worth your time in any way? I still didn’t get around to watching it, bad reception made sure of that.


Absolutely not! I just watched it just to see if it was any better from the 2007 one, sadly this one makes the first movie look amazing. It is definitely difficult to translate stealth into a 2 hour movie, even John Wick’s original script had him kill only 10 people but by the end of the movie he killed over a 100, but the movie was damn enjoyable due to its amazing story, cinematography and music.


‘choke me daddy’


The sentence is missing a comma after “12 years ago” because now you could read it as: in 2006, the game was released 12 years ago (meaning it was 12 years old in 2006). :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks @GuLe for destroying my record :joy: