Funny Pictures/Video Thread


The Russian wizards




Just found this shit

Had a giggle at this :smile:




Those jackets are extremely overpriced. Honestly, if you want something like that, I think it’ll be better to ask a good cosplayer to make you one.


No question there but sadly I think there are a few rich individuals out there who want the “real thing” or to buy it just to show off.


Hopefully is at least something kinda Salvatore Ferragamo will sell you in fine materials, like $25,000 alligator skin shoes (wich is already insane by itself).




bouncing a chandelier with your head is the new thing


Looks like 47 has a very strong neck.


Normally I don’t pay attention to controversies around games with it’s extra merchandise to the franchise, but this whole deal of Bethesda getting muddy for a third-party bottle of rum is pretty fun.

Seriously, never cared for any of their franchises but this situation is so weird to me and at the same time hilarious for how nuts everything got and from what I have seen, this product isn’t the only one with problems. I have seem mentions to a bag or backpack or alike.


I don’t know why but I always laugh uncontrollably when 47 shoots the ground beneath him.




10 000 years later






Probably the weirdest picture I’ve seen in a while


He slipped over!
Never seen it before :slight_smile: