Funny Pictures/Video Thread


This is only the start.


replace the textures of every gun to be gule’s profile pic


Notex you’ve gotten out of control


And so they throwing bananas instead of shoot you? :slight_smile:


i dunno, ask @Notex



Only if I replace the flash grenade and nothing else, if they have a banana as their gun their AI freezes and doesn’t seem to throw flash grenades.




“Would you like Lies with that?”


This made me laugh out loud several times. I don’t think he got SA…



Don’t suppose this story ends with him eating all that shit and dying of a heart attack.


Trump ordering cold, soggy fast food to the White House to serve athletes is just the gift that keeps on giving. It’s hysterical on its own terms.


I get the feeling you don’t like Trump? :joy: It still baffles me how he ended up President. He must have fixed it somehow.


I guess you could say that, hue




God damn Trump he’s making me want McD’s now grrr



Not a bad reggae voice to be fair.


Look at those chicken legs. He’s pretty slim and athletic now days I guess.