Funny Pictures/Video Thread


Those chicken legs are nothing compared to his occasional Mumbai bod. :smiley: Indian cuisine is probably not working for him very well.


Oh Lord… (20chickenlegs)


damn I didn’t realise 47 had such feminine looking legs, might explain why he can only jog everywhere


Pmsl he’s trying his best but those chicken legs can only go so fast :joy:.


Yes,I played Absolution recently and got reminded how much better he looks there.

Bring back muscular 47!!!

His body is also way more detailed


Yes! Together with the Hawaiian bathrobe please. :heart_eyes:

(I think 47 doesn’t even have his own one permanent body model now. Instead, he keeps borrowing meshes and textures of other NPCs. Truly a chameleon.)


He’s really been slacking on those weights in season one and two. I posted earlier about his chicken legs :joy:. I much prefer the more muscular 47 also.



Are they mocking you? Did you submit this?



Wait what mission is this from?


IDK Colombia maybe???


Yeah it’s Rico’s museum in Columbia


Ya I submitted that and it looks like it got featured. What makes you think they’re mocking me?


Idk. At first I got confused. Thought you were the mugshot lol.


I haven’t come across any museum. How have I missed this.



A large section of the ground floor of Rico Delgado’s mansion is dedicated to items and milestones in his criminal career. The mug shot is kept among these items.

A wine bottle from the clan’s now defunct Chile vineyard is present which Rico says he keeps as a symbol of his need to avenge his family’s loss in Venezuela which was also caused by 47 in HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY.


But he looks lousy in a suit… so no…