Funny Pictures/Video Thread


One fast thinking motherfucker right here!



Doot Doot edition!

Faster, Better, Deader

Doot Doot stops

Maximum Doot

We want the D…aka the Doot.

This Blends my pasion for Moth memes and doot memes.

You don’t seem to understand, I’m not locked in here with you…You’re locked in here with me!

My Alarm is set!




(not sure if or how spoilery this is - I’ve never played RE2, but out of context for me it seems fine and enjoyable. Though the end might be a semi-spoiler? Seems that way to me.)

In terms of Mr. X. Oooh he’s freaky looking. I assume he’s like the Alien from Alien Isolation? He’ll stalk and chase you unexpectedly throughout a part of the game…?


Pleasure but also pain

Smack Hands


johnny sins final form



I got one even more terrifying…



No, you know… I can’t stand seeing this fuck’s face anymore



This is a WITCH HUNT!!!








wow a fuckin legend in the game.

I hope he got away with it.


Hard to say if he did. The cop that pulled him over just emptied his clip at the balloons (for whatever reason)…and missed every shot. :joy: So there’s no 100% evidence that it’s drugs.

The guy says there was nothing on the balloons and the cop can’t say otherwise but he was still caught on camera, so it’s tricky to say. My guess would be no though because the of timing: he sent out the balloons just after he got pulled over. Still, that was pretty damn slick! Here’s the original video.


It’s not real fam …


Yeah I was reading the comments on YouTube and they seem 60/40 split chance on rather it’s real or fake. If it’s actually fake then damn, ah well. Still a funny video though.