Funny Pictures/Video Thread


Mate, the comments section of PornHub is legit one of the best things about the site. I’ve laughed so hard at some that I’ve forgot all about doing what I’d gone there for :joy::joy::joy:


You know, I have found that many times sexual-related situations tend to turn in a nice time to bond with other people.for advice and share personal experiences. Like someone commented in a Tweet about their experience in murrsuit parties, is that there is no better feeling than sharing your personal life while you are pounding or being pounded.


Is that 47 next to the logo?


Maybe. Lots of people have a soft spot for cosplay. Besides, if a wrestler already did a cosplay of 47 for a match, why not someone in the XXX industry? Specially when you have the bald guy from Brazzers.


Wtf, when did this happen and who was it?

And more importantly why was I not informed?


That video has already being uploaded here various times.


Je. Sus. Christ. :joy:

I’m done.


You are done? Because he isn’t done with the cosplay, even through it seems he retired.


What a fucking baller! :joy:








image image


Isabelle sings “Don’t Stop Me Now”

Hilariously adorable.