Future Hitman “Modes” Discussion Thread

Just a thread I thought that the whole Hitman community could come together to discuss and brainstorm for possible future “modes” in Hitman.

Currently we have:

  • Contracts Mode
  • Ghost Mode
  • Sniper Assassin Mode

And I guess escalations & Elusive Targets (if you want to count those as one)

I just thought it would be fun if we all came together and discuss what we would like to see added in the future of Hitman. It can be anything you think would be fun. Think carefully and share your thoughts.

Let’s try to think of something fun and new to bring to the table of Hitman.

ME personally? (And I’m only suggesting this because, well… “Piano Man” but I’d like to see something like a “Piano Man Mode” or “Piano Man Challenge.”

Where YOU the player would be in first person view and you play against another person (who also sees in first person) and the first to successfully Fiber Wire their target is the winner. I personally would love that, but I’m sure many here would not find that fun and that’s ok… this is the point of the thread. Share what YOU would like to see.

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Proper multiplayer may be? Ghost mode but without “parallel universes”. May be even ability to hurt or kill opponent.


Another thing I always wished we could do is “create” our own targets and publish them into a level. Like make them Male or Female. Give them a name, make them tall, short, fat, skinny etc… sort of like this…


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I want co-op campaign missions that is balanced up so it works


all elusive targets from a single location on the map at once, maybe do this only for paris and sapienza since there aren’t many for the rest

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I would for sure say that escalations are a mode but for sure not elusives. Anyways, I would love to see a co op mode on new missions as well as current missions where you play as stone and knight where you can team up on one target or take out one target each or something. It would be really cool if there was also some co op elements like boosting one another over tall ledges, trading weapons and ammo or having one disguised player distract an NPC by talking to them while the other is able to stealth around. Would also be cool to have a PvP element where you have to take out the other player but where it must be Silent Assasin


i would like to have challenge packs, except better. instead of doing pointless shit like throwing coins in a pond or knocking out people with cocaine, you are asked to kill your targets in a specific way, for some reward. here are some examples

This is My Rifle: you must kill claus strandberg and reza zaydan with an unsilenced sniper or assault rifle while wearing the city soldier disguise, and get SA. complication: sticky disguise. reward: jungle suit from codename 47.

This Stuff is the Bomb: you must kill sean rose, penelope graves, maya parvati and ezra berg with non-accidental explosions and achieve the SA rating. reward: proximity breaching charge.

Back to Basics: you must complete all missions from The Showstopper to The Ark Society SA/SO while only bringing the fibre wire, coins, ICA19, and starting at the default location. no stash points are allowed. reward: season 1 suit for completing this challenge on professional, and season 1 suit w/ gloves for completing this on mastery.


As much as I’m against ET’s returning, that would actually be very interesting to see! Especially for all the Paris targets… good god :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@HungaryHippoe now that is a great idea! I like that! 2 different people playing the same story mission. Teamwork at its finest lol

@Niobium agreed! That would be 100 times better than the challenge packs I think.


Another idea…

How about where one player plays as 47 and the other plays as the target

For example; Sapienza.

One player controls 47 and the other chooses between Caruso or DeSantis to control

Basically I’m pretty much saying, having all the current story missions how they are but now one player gets to control the target of their choosing from a specific map. The only downfall is the “Target” can’t pick up weapons and maybe only gets one pistol with no reloads?? So they have a shot (no pun intended) at winning?

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I still hope for the leaked mode from pre-HITMAN 2 release, Assassination Race sees the light of day at some point.

16 players in one location racing to kill a target… Would be so fun to play.

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Where was this? I don’t remember seeing this “leak” sounds freaking awesome though!! :smiley:

Another one— Maybe you’re in a current location (Paris, Sapienza, Morocco etc) but it’s a Sniper game between you and another player. First player to reach 10 kills wins. When there is a kill; BOTH players respawn in a random spot. Hide and seek but snipers lol

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I’m thinking a skill-developing method? Could be in the same locations, or maybe separate locations like we have the Sniper Assassin maps.

You’d earn skill points by doing missions and challenges, and you’d pick a route or “class” to master. You could develop 47’s abilities to levels beyond his normal, but you’d have to forfeit one or more to become a master of one or few.

You could get bullet-time, extra zoom levels aiming with your pistol, breaking open doors with your hands instead of crowbars, instantly subdue a target, pickpocket items from NPCs, increase your running speed and so on.

If this sets in different locations, it could be in an experiment setting where 47 is the subject. Maybe his past.

I also like the idea of a 1x1 ghost mode but with a sniper and random respawns. The kills could be seen and not need to hide the bodies, but you’d have to move around with the sniper in a suit case and do the kill without getting spotted shooting.

But. Some of the targets have overlapping ai paths

When the game was first announced, one of the official log lines sent to retailers for their online listings contained a small blurb about the Assassination Race Mode.

But now we have the game, it sounds like it’s just Ghost Mode but with more players - which is why you start a GM match the announcer says “Duel starts…”. Originally there must have been the option for up to 16 players, or 1v1.


If we can barely get two players to match in Ghost Mode or Sniper Assassin in half the hours of the day, doubt there’d ever be a match of 16 :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t usually have an issue with finding Ghost Mode matches on PS4, but Sniper Assassin is a completely different story. Even when Siberia was only a few days old, I was waiting 45 minutes for a partner at one point.

That shits good actually

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Imagine playing this with your friend and he his climbing down pipes and shit and going to the Mario bros. I mean you can’t shoot him when there is a wall and another one and another one
So 47 had to be faster than the Target (he already is but idk if the NPC’s really run)
And does 47 still see the target through walls ?
How is a De Santis with heels as fast as a trained Caruso
So we had to balance the targets cause I imagine Claus Strandberg Walking through the Demo isn’t very good so that means Reza Zaydan as a military general is better he can also pick up Weapons. Imagine picking Erich siders on Hokkaido??

Like Contracts but better Custom Challeng Packs
You could
-Map 1 ( of Max X)
-Kill Method
-or Challenge ( subdue Person A with X as G)

  • Complication (don’t run ?)
    This would look like this
    The Walking dead
    5 Morgue Staff
    1 Mechanic
    Dead Biker
    Melee kill
    No KOs
    No running
    No climbing
    No Shooting
    No Hiding bodies ( in Crates or environment cause Zombie Hungry)