Future Location Speculation

Dreams ruined.

Speaking of interesting places in countries 47 has already been to, A mission in Shanghai or Beijing would be cool. Also Amsterdam would totally fit the Hitman theme. It would be cool if 47 could go back to Romania and sneak into some Dracula style castle with secret passages and creepy atmosphere. Its quite surprising that 47 managed to steer clear of Moscow so far, I expect it won’t be for very long. Other cool locations would be: New York, Cannes, Venice, London, Mumbai, Santiago and Kamakura.


I agree with most of these.However I think Venice is overused in movies.It always gives me some sort of cliche feeling when I hear about it.

I’d like to see Malta,Brazil,Egypt,Czech Republic.

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You kiddin’ me? Nothing would be more priceless then 47 disguising as a gondola boy and when the target asks him to sing he smashes his head with an oar and tells the target the mermaids will sing for him before dumping him in the water.

I’d like to see them do something with their cinematic played at the end of Blood Money - where after escaping in Requiem, we see 47 enter an oriental-looking establishment and speak to the proprietor. A mission based off of this.

At 45.05:

Isn’t that where Codename 47 starts?

No, it was only fan speculation.

I would love that too. But I doubt they will.

Just like they never made a mission from their Hitman: Contracts trailer. (although the team at IOI is different now of course). But i was extremely disappointed that no such mission existed in Contracts. The CGI trailer that showed that guy running like hell in a major panic. He stops for a moment to use his inhaler. Then he continues to run like hell. He gets into a limousine. He signals his “chauffeur” to drive away. The glass partition lowers to reveal 47 behind the wheel. Then you hear the guy saying “Oh shit”. And finally a silenced gun shot.

But like I said. Unfortunately no such mission existed in the game.

Iranian here. Can speak with perfect american accent.


I wasn’t aware that every single person in the world could do that as well


I used to speculate that the mission from the contracts trailer is what 47 did just before getting shot, it was very disappointing when I found out it wasn’t.

I am so confused as to why people think this is where Codename 47 starts? Blood Money takes place between 2004–2006, Codename 47 takes place 1999–2000.

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MFW Hitman’s Time-line/Story-line

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It’s really simple though. Why would Codename 47 begin after Blood Money lol?

But whyyyy? Contracts is the only game with the whole timeline issue, because the actual ‘getting shot’ happens after Curtains Down in Blood Money, and 47 experiences all of the levels as flashbacks, until the end.

Contracts (2004), Blood Money (2004–2006)

The timeline doesn’t change anywhere, and with all of the dates being made clear, I don’t get it when people think the timeline is skewed somehow?

The whole Absolution storyline kinda doesn’t make sense. In Blood Money the ICA is weakened to the point where they’re basically tearing everything down by the end of the game. Then Diana basically saves it after Requiem. Skip to Absolution and for some reason she’s gone rogue? She was basically leading the ICA that time…

I’m not really confused.

I just thought the person who I quoted, thought that the end of Blood Money was the Start of Contracts or something.

Ideally we need a game to explain the six years between Blood Money and Absolution, which I was hoping Hitman 6 would be until that was confirmed to take place after Absolution.

In Blood Money, I made the assumption that Diana must be talking about the US branch of the ICA, which was built up again since the end of that game. At the end of Blood Money, she’s standing in an office telling someone that nearly all of the Agency is back online. The office is actually IO’s office in Denmark, so I like to think she’s over in Europe at that point, even though that’s never actually stated in game.

I don’t think she was ever in a position of leading the entire ICA, although if we assume that she was talking about the US branch in Blood Money, she did appear to be leading that division as she was the only one left.

I want it explained how she managed to split the rest of the Agency’s assets with 47 and no one batted an eye about it when at the end of the game everything is ‘back online’. Sounds like embezzlement to me lol

Oh. I do wonder why a lot of people seem to think something along those lines.

As we all know, there are some plot holes in this beloved franchise of ours. We must suspend disbelief here and there.

I’m really looking forward for the Thailand Mission(s). Thailand is a crazy Land, with many different Landscapes, Coasts, Cliffs,Giant Cities, Temples and Jungles. What do you Guys think will the location be? Maybe its set in Bangkok, where we have to take out a Gangsterboss/human trafficker and rescue Agent Smith again?

I would be happy, if its set in the Jungle as a little Hommage to “Say Hello to my little Friend” (probably the coolest Mission in C47).

It would be cool to see the Jade Figurine again, in Japan ^^