Future of Hitman (espicially for Dev interest)

Some changes to the official storyline would add to the fiction. Agent 47 is a hairless :man_bald: :man_bald: bald clone mainly due to hairless gene error* :dna: :dna: .

Agent 47 was replaced by 48 in future WHEN 47 gets old, retires or passes away (I mean clone do age well though he was born in 1960s god damn).

If Agent 47 donate his DNA sequence to the ICA lab for the sake of his organisation and public never to find out about his origins from the lab in Romania, remained clandestine and a secret. ICA continued a clone offspring.

They reproduced a identical clone thats exactly 47’s gene once again of Ort Meyer distant blueprint. :dna: :dna:

We did see Agent 47 try to go monk once. Regardless we all can agree that 47 is very unique from his clone brothers, and peak intellect and physicality, but the clone after him is just the same but enhanced. I feel there is more to this story of 47.