Fuzk's Photo Contest!

- Fuzk’s Photo Contest -
Brought to you by Frote’s Speedrun Community

@Fuzk has created a new contest, in association with @Fortheseven, to see some of the best in-game screenshots that our community can come up with!

Goal of the contest:
Capture the most funny / crazy / action-packed / unique / things in a single frame / artistic screenshot in Hitman 2.

How to do:
Submit your best Hitman 2 screenshot in Frote’s Speedrun Community Discord within the given timeframe.
Community votes on the submissions when the contest ends, and the 3 with the highest number of votes wins.

Eligible content:
-Screenshots from Hitman 2, including any mission/contract/target, Ghost Mode, Sniper Assassin, and any Legacy content
(This includes Elusive Targets, if you have any screenshots you consider eligible, but we’d like to encourage everyone to get in-game and take new screenshots)
-Be the Paparazzi/Photographer/Artist you always wanted to be (in Hitman 2)!

Be sure to join the Discord to be eligible for the contest, and read the rules to learn more about the contest. Good luck, agents!

Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/yUjhHTr


Very cool idea!! I guess those with Ansel have got a little perk. Can’t wait to see what gems will come out of this.


Time for the speedrunners to take the backseat here so we can see the creative minds come out and, like you said, I’m anticipating what funny/artistic/epic pictures we’ll see!


!Maybe this photo doesn’t meet the rules


Tweet from IO Interactive (@IOInteractive)
IO Interactive (@IOInteractive) Tweeted:
It’s time to dust of your camera, and start clickin’ :camera_flash: https://t.co/zY8kMiAmFG https://twitter.com/IOInteractive/status/1215649496643727360?s=20


Voting has now begun!

Head over to Frote’s Discord to submit your votes in the #Fuzks-photo-contest channel!

Glhf to all the participants!

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Just saw the entries, wish I’d entered now :sweat_smile: oh well, next time :man_shrugging:

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I’ll make an album after voting ends with all submissions.
Feel free to send me a DM with a photo if you’d like yours to be included!

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Nice job?