Game became too dark after GPU swap

Hi, I have bought Hitman 2 from steam and have been playing it for a couple of months now. Yesterday I changed a graphics card, going from an old GTX660 (where it played in low settings without issue) to an MSI RX570.
I tested other games on this card and there’s no issue whatsoever - everything on high or ultra settings. However in hitman 2 the image has become SO dark that it’s nearly unplayable. The shadows are practically black, and in the Island if Sgàil level where it’s nightime, if the guards for example are not next to you you nearly only see their white masks.
I tried putting everything on low settings as with the previous card but that has no effect.
Can you help me?


Please provide a screenshot so we can more easily comprehend the issue.

Hre are some screenshots

You should play with graphics settings.

Try with SSAO off.


Thanks. That’s indeed what was causing the problem. I switched it off and I can now see what’s around me :slight_smile: though even the setting ‘minimum’ cause everything to go dark.
Thanks again!
This issue’s closed. .

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