Game breaking bug report

In Shogun Showdown, you can’t use the actions (open door, take clothes etc.) after some time. Tried in many different computers that is using different hardware and only plartform I couldn’t reproduce it was Linux. Tried with Intel HD graphics, Nvidia and AMD cards. Operating systems are W7 , W10 and Kubuntu 20.10. In Kubuntu, I’ve used Steam Play with Proton Experimental. I’ve used DirectX for Windows versions and OpenGL for Kubuntu. I have also found that unpatched v1.0 version of game doesn’t suffer from it.

I know H2SA is EOL but this bug is anoying and makes the mission unplayable unless you straight up kill Hayamoto and other guards in a short time so thought it would be worth reporting.

Never encountered this in all my years of playing the game. What framerate do you have in-game? If you have something like 400-1000 fps then this might be the cause and you need to cap it.