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I’ve been look all over, and I can’t seem to find an answer to this. Have contacted Square Enix support, but I’m still waiting to get a reply from them, so hopefully I can get some help here.

Have been playing Hitman for over a month now, no issues. On 12/25, went to play (PC/windows 10), and at the start screen, it told me to Press A to continue instead of enter. Now, I found this very confusing, as I play with mouse/keyboard only. Don’t own a game controller at all, nor do I have one connected.

Of course, I don’t see anything in options to turn it off. I see controller options, but nothing to disable it. So now I am left with a game I cant play as it doesn’t recognize my mouse at all, and I can’t do anything. I’ve verified my files through Steam already, and that hasn’t helped. Tried unplugging and plugging my stuff back in, and that didn’t work either.

Any ideas on what might be causing this and how to fix it? Thanks.

Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread

Not sure at all(sorry :no_mouth:) but ‘Press A’ normally comes on Xbox One. Windows 10 and Xbox have recently collaborated together to allow Xbox gamers to carry their progress on Xbox from Windows 10. So I think if you restart Steam or something it may work? I’m so sorry I can’t help!


weird glitch… i shall summon @Travis_IOI for you.



So, a heads up, it was my Thrustmaster HOTAS, as far as I can tell. Was messing around with it this morning, went through and was unplugging everything, like I did before, expect this time, when I took out my HOTAS, game functions returned to normal. Not sure why/what changed, but it worked.

Weird thing is, for those familiar with the Thrustmaster, is it’s not the joystick, but the throttle that causes the issue. I can leave the joystick plugged in, no problem, but as soon as I plug my throttle back in, it recognizes it as a game controller.

Something to look into when you guys get the time.


The game can detect some devices as a controller and will then trigger that ‘bug’.

I’ll pass on the details to the team. Happy to hear you’ve got it fixed and working again though.


Thanks. What’s odd is I had been playing for over a month with my HOTAS plugged in, and never had an issue. Then, out of the blue, it just started.

No steps or anything to repeat it. Once I plug it in now, it recognizes it as a controller, unplug it and it works fine. Don’t know what caused it to start recognizing it as a controller through after all that time.


same problem here , i have to unplug hotas to be able to use mouse n keyb

is anyone working on this for a fix ?


Finally signed up on the official forums just to report on that same issue. I have posted about it back in the day on the square forums back in late 2016 hoping that one of the many patches would address the issue. I have to completely unplug all joysticks, throttles and even deactivate any virtual gaming devices (vjoy driver for isntance). I seriously hope the upcoming GOTY edition and its acompanying game improvements finally put this bug to rest. I am on win 7.

@Travis, any word from the devs as to what might be going on and when this will be fixed? Kinda hate the idea of this ‘‘feature’’ be retained and carried over to a possible seaon 2 or future title.

Any moderators around to enlighten us concerning the state of this bug?

Addendum: in my case for instance, its the Vjoy virtual joystick driver that i need to disable, and some Thrustmaser products. I have the T.16000m Joystick and TWCS throttle as well as the Thrustmaster Warthog stick connected, and Hitman does not have a problem with both joysticks, but it has issues with the TWCS throttle. Drivers are up to date for all devices.

Moderators please, make a comment about this issue to the devs again. This has been reported back in the beta on more than one occasion and nothing has been done about it. That is not an issue of taste or ‘‘i don’t like a certain game design’’ but a technical bug that is unworthy of such a great and otherwise fairly polished game. If you need some logs or other specifics let me, happy to oblige on this one. Thanks.


Bump…come on community managers, let us konw whats going on here. Have you relayed this to the devs? How can we help fixing this?


I had the same issue. Disconnecting my Logitech Joystick also fixed my problem.
(Bought the game (Hitman™) a few days ago. First launch today)


New year, hopefully better luck on this on! The issue still persists and i am constantly forced to unplug oder disable the drivers of my Thrustmaster gear because Hitman fasely takes it as a Xbox controller and stickies my mouse.

I have bought the GOTY upgrade in good faith tha IOI will keep true to its word and listen to the issues and problems its customers have.

@Travis_IOI Would you please take another look and ask the devs about this? This is a technical bug that should not be too hard to fix. They probably just need to check and clean the controller code. Do you need any DX logs or such? Glad to help. This should get finally addressed.



I can see that there were fixes made related to this issue, but I will raise it again with the dev team.

Please also note that even though something might not seem too hard to fix, it will still demand that the team can replicate the issue, create a fix, test that fix and implement it.


Copy that. Thanks for responding. Would you be so kind to post here again once you get a response from the devs? If they need any windows or directx logs to find out whats going on, please let me know. Again, in my case (windows 7) its the Thrustmaster TWCS throttle that is wrongly recognised as some kind of console game controller.


@Travis_IOI Did you get some feedback from the devs as to what they intend to do out the issue? One feasible solution might be; add a checkbox in the settings so we can stop the game from looking for any controllers.


Another six months and no news on this issue! And with Hitman 2 coming up really soon, i fear this bug might be carried over to that game as well.

@Travis_IOI Did the devs ever get back to you on this one? Will we have a tick box in the settings to disable any non mouse game controllers or have all detected game controllers listed so we can disable the ones we don’t need or cause trouble?

I’d be really hard pressed to buy this game at full price when such a blatent bug is carried along from game to game. Pls, if this has not been addressed internally, put it back on the devs plate, at least for the post launch fixing session.


Just great…there are reports already of people running into the same controller bug in HITMAN 2 again. So apparently nobody at IOI ever looked into this. Seems like it has become company policy to retain bugs that have been reported over and over.

Not spending any more money unless IOI grows up.

EDIT: i have installed the prologue/legay pack edition of HITMAN 2018 and yes, the exact same controller bug is still present. When i press escape, right beside the pause menu i see a big game controller representation (like ps4/xbox one) displaying the different keybindings for each stick, button etc.

Clearly the game thinks i have a game controller connected and don’t want to play with mouse and keyboard.

@Travis_IOI Did the devs ever get back to you on this issue? The controller bug is still there in both Hitman 2016 and 2018 and i have not seen any mention of it in the recent changelogs.