Game crash in The Last Yardbird: Feats (PC steam)

I was tried to unlock achievement “Art Critic”.

After shoot the painting, the housekeeper turn off the light and repair the painting, then game was freezed and crashed.


I updated GPU driver to the least, and changed API to DXD11, all not worked.

Can someone help me to solve this issue?

Make clean install of a fresh GPU driver and then reboot your PC.
Helped me some time ago with previous driver. Never had these crashes again since

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Thank you for your suggestion :smiley:
I was tried it, but not working.
I still crash below at this screen

You sure you made clean install?

I use Display Driver Uninstaller on safe mode, uninstall GPU driver then reboot.

I assume you have Nvidia GPU?
When you downloading driver package or driver + Geforce Experience package, while installing on some of the screens it will have a checkbox of Clean Install.
Mark this checkbox and you’ll get full proper previous driver uninstall and then it will be new fresh installation complete.

I don’t know what program Display Driver Uninstaller is, but with this official Nvidia package you even don’t have to go to Safe Mode. It will work in regular environment.
If this program you using is not Nvidia’s product, it also may cause troubles.
Just download driver pack from Nvidia official site and you’re good to go.

If you using other GPU, I’m afraid I can’t help you.
But I advise not to use programs like Display Driver Uninstaller, Clean Master, CCleaner and other shit.
They does not help in reality

I through Geforce Experience to update driver, and customized install the driver.
I am sure that I mark checkbox of clean install.
Still not working

I was googled many threads about physx3_64.dll crashed, but it looks like nothing can do now.
Maybe I should past this issue to offical support thread.
Thank you for your help

Hey Shinn, i have the same problem, but i complete this trick after I shot the picture, I did not look into the scope until the butler changed the picture and only after he changed it was possible to look into the scope again and shoot the picture for the second time, so I got this achievement. Before that, I also always had crashes.

sorry for my english, this is not my native language, I used google translator