Game crash on sapienza

Just had a game crash occur again in the exact same spot in sapienza. So this happened on 2 separate playthroughs and crashed in the same spot. On my recent play through I had got the dogle from coroners office. Cleared the church and made my way to the steeple and assassinated caruso with the telescope. I left and went to go get the doctor disguise to make it easier for me to get around the mansion.

I went to the main square tower building and unlocked the back door (the one that goes straight into the basement area with several coolers inside) and for whatever reason it crashes after taking a few steps inside the room. It doesn’t always do it but it does a really hard crash if it does

Do you know your PC specs? Maybe it’s because of them.

Its xbox one lol sorry

Okay. Now I’m just getting pissed. Happened for a 3rd time in a row in the exact same spot. After going to the coroner, getting the dongle and going to the main square tower building. My game crashes when I go inside the room with the deep freezers. It’s the lower back door that goes into the basement area. I make it to a support beam in the room and it crashes.