Game crashes everytime I do this

For some reason when I am disguised as a Bank Teller, I smuggle an item on Executive floor and then I go and pick it up the game always crashes. Idk what to do.

Is it the Kalmer that you’ve placed in the Agency Pickup smuggled point?
Are you picking up the smuggled Kalmer while you have another Kalmer in your inventory that you picked up from the IT room?

Does it instigate a crash?
Maybe he’s playing on console, because I don’t remember this on PC

Yes it does. I have read reports of the game crashing when that happens, specifically when you have a Kalmer in your inventory and you equip another one from a briefcase.
Don’t know if it’s tied to any platform though.

Just replicated it;
Smuggle in the Kalmer as Agency Pickup.
Grab the Kalmer from the IT room.
Pick up the Kalmer from the Agency Pickup.

For some reason I can’t record it directly on PS4

So @Qman, what are you smuggling in, do you have a similar item in your inventory to the one you pick up from your smuggled item?

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Yeah, confirm.
PC game crashes too

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I play from xbox one s and yes I smuggle a kalmer there and when I pick it up from the briefcase it crashes every single time

Here is a video of the steps that lead to a crash. Every single time and always. Always and every single time the game will crash.

I did further testing and found out that:

  • All three Agency Pickups work the same
  • Hidden Stashes are not involved
  • Happens with all starting disguises (I think disguise and starting point doesn’t matter at all)
  • Happens exclusively with Kalmer, other items work well
  • Happens exclusively if to pick up a Kalmer on the level first.
    If to pick up Kalmer from a stash and then Kalmer on the level - game works well

@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI you better look into it guys, and consider to roll out a fix for this crash


thats exactly what happened to me but on xbox and I had agency pickup on executive floor

While I’m able to reproduce this as well on PC, it seems to work fine if you pick up the briefcase first, and then retrieve the Kalmer. At least there’s some sort of workaround that doesn’t really take much longer than just retrieving it immediately.

Yes it does work, but sometimes you doing such things automatically and remember about such an easy workarounds only when the game is already crashed

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