Game crashes on on startup screen


After the PC patch of the 21st of December that fixed the Save/Load issues, I can’t play the game anymore. On the main startup screen, after pressing [Enter], the game freezes for about 2-3 seconds, and then immediately crashes to desktop without error messages. I’ve tried a bunch of different graphical settings, verified the game files using Steam’s built in function and updated my audio and video drivers. This only started happening after the patch.
I’m using an Intel Core i5 4590 @ 3.30GHz CPU and 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 GPU.


Same issue here, it started after the last patch


same here - geforce GTX 1050 ti with latest drivers


Hey IO Interactive? Holidays are over. It’s about time you respond to technical issues from your community again.


Bump! Crashing is still an issue; game crashes on startup, music starts but screen stays black for ~5 seconds then crashes without error message. Have been unable to finish playing the game only 50% of the way through, please roll back or fix!


Have you tried to tick off exclusive fullscreen?
For me, the crashes has stopped since then…


you might try delete Hitman.exe file from retail folder, then validate game steam files(sorry my english)


Hey guys, I had this issue too.

I bet you were using cloud saves. So the cloud saves are corrupted. You have to do this :