Game crashes when trying to load save from Sapienza. Hitman 2

I normally do this thing, where I knock out all the NPC’s in a, for me, relevant Area. In this case, the whole villa, the ruins, the lab (untouched at this point), the kitchen (Besides the chef), the mortuary, and some other little places. So in the end I can save, reload, and work through all the challenges and different ways to kill the targets. I did the same in Paris. Now comes the problem: I’m up on the last floor (Where De Santis is all the time) and knocked out two guards outside this little security room. I put them in a box and saved. After that, I “took care” of the two workers and one of her guards and hid them too. Again I saved, but this time on a different slot. Only that when I tried loading the said save the game tries to load, but when the loading bar got to the end, the game crashed. I was curious, so I loaded the other save. To my surprise, this worked. I did some more testing but it kept happening. I tried changing my setting, restarting my pc and I let Steam check for errors.

Little Update: I decided to investigate a little more. Because I stood right outside a window to the security room with the “Cam-Recorder” or whatever, I took my Pistol out and shot it. All evidence is gone, and I saved instantly. When I tried loading it, it didn’t work. Even though I only turned left and shot that thing. So it has to be something else, than these three NPCs. It also crashes when I simply load the working save, do nothing, save it on a completely different slot, and try to load that save.

Some Statistics:

The total number of UNCONSCIOUS NPCs: 114
Number of HIDDEN unconscious NPCs: 104
Number of NOT HIDDEN unconscious NPCs: 10
The total number of DEAD NPC’s: 0

My Specs:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.59 GHz. (Watercooled)
GPU: Asus Strix 2070 Super (Newest Drivers)
RAM: 2x 16 GB DDR4-3200 Corsair Vegance RGB Pro
Storage: 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus M.2 NVMe PCIe (With arround 160 GB left on my game partition)

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Usually after a lot of crates full of bodies, game can crash due to lack of memory (RAM), but in your case seems problem hides in a different area.
What if you load working save, subdue exactly those NPCs you did in the broken save, but hide them in a different crate?
Maybe that specific crate has some bug that doesn’t allow the save to load.

And sometimes, for me at least, it seems that a game has some kind of a limit of full crates.
I remember I did a couple of runs with a lot of bodies hidden in a crates on different levels and at some point game went crash at a random moment, sometimes even at the very same moment couple of times

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First of all, thanks for your reply. After I read your Idea, I quickly started the game to try it out. Though without any success. :neutral_face:

I get the CTD on Xbox after 90 or so knock-out-and-hide-in-crate actions in Sapienza and on other maps. The game does not crash if the people are killed and hidden, though it does not like too many dead bodies without them being hidden. So if you don’t care about whether you get a score penalty try killing them instead.

Sadly my hole point by playing thsi way is first unlocking all mastery levels and second to finish the level with silent assassin. Also there are only arround 9 bodies that aren’t hidden. Beside these ones I hide every body.